Friday, March 11, 2011

Its official

Well the key for the NRC GFES exam was released (preliminary version) and I did in fact ace the thing.  All that worrying for nothing.  To celebrate I would like to go to the Vintage Estates and grab a few bottles of beer.  Don't think its in the cards for me tonight though.  Paige has all kinds of stuff for me to do I'm sure.  And I have to go pay for a stupid parking ticket.  I got ticketed last night for parking in the cul-de-sac in front of my house.  Said "snow emergency greater than 3 inches" so I had to park off the street.  I have yet after three years seen the snow plow jerk clean the cul-de-sac except for the last time I got ticketed and then called and told him to get his @#$@$%@$ back out to clean it.  Gotta love PA.  any way to get money from my pocket to theirs.  Can't wait for the fast food, soda, and donuts tax that the silly liberals want to impose.  Thats the answer if you find a problem tax it, that will fix it.  Pretty soon they will find a way to tax my homebrew.  probably something like 10 bucks per pound for barley.  50 cents an ounce for hops. 

Uncle Sam needs you.  Do something for your country today...........Slap a liberal.

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  1. Congrats on aceing the test!I knew you could do it! You always were good on tests!