Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guinness Draft

So the other day I was forced once again to purchase an entire case of Guinness Draught bottles.  The ones with the widget.  I read online about how you can reuse the widget when bottling homebrew.  Apparently, contrary to popular belief the widgets in the bottles do not have nitrogen in them but rather beer that has been forced into them when the bottle is pressurized during bottling.  When the cap is removed the pressure reduction causes the beer in the widget to spray out through a little hole which causes the foamy head and cascading bubbles when poured.  Anyways I had it in my head that I would reuse the widgets on my next batch of stout to see how it turned out.  Well much to my chagrin I opened the first bottle and no widget.  Then the second and third and still no widget.  Apparently they no longer put the widget in the bottles.  So no widget homebrew.  This sucks

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